I recently worked on a vegan food blog project which sparked my interest in food blogging WordPress themes. So I decided to make a round-up of the best food and recipes WordPress themes available as we approach the end of 2016 and share it with you.

My intention is to help you choose the best WordPress theme for your project or at least give you 10 of the best possible options. This is not a Top 10 article because the order of the themes is not final and it’s not the result of a precise equation.

In fact I encourage you to help me adjust the order by leaving your opinions and suggestions in the comments section below the article. Feel free to name your preferred food and recipes theme even if it’s not in the list.

I’ve assembled a selection of 10 best WordPress themes for food and recipes blogs and the features that justifies their presence in the list.

All the themes come from established developers, they’re specialized in food blogging and recipes websites providing specific features and monetization options.


Foodica by WPZOOM

We’re starting things off with a personal favorite: Foodica from WPZOOM. It’s the perfect theme for a professional looking food blog, built in close to no time, with beautiful balanced design which emphasizes your content: photos, videos and text.

It doesn’t overwhelm you with unnecessary features thus shortening the development time and allowing your website to perform at optimum speed. No lag, no delays just blazing fast for a memorable visitor experience.

You get nicely designed recipe shortcodes, 6 color schemes, a minimalist but very functional theme options panel and a pixel perfect responsive design that will impress you on any device. Monetization options include banner ads areas and seamless WooCommerce integration for your own products or affiliate marketing.

Foodica enables you to create a professional looking food blog with the least amount of resources and is geared towards bloggers which don’t have anyone to rely on but themselves. If you need advanced features like multiple page variations and community management systems the check out the themes below. But be prepared to invest more time and money if you don’t have the necessary web skills.

Check out Foodica’s complete review for more info and the developer’s page for the live preview.


Pluto by Osetin

Now here is something different and with a great deal of personality in terms of design. Pluto may not be on everyone’s taste but will surely appeal to those in love with masonry grid blog layouts. Although some will say the design is not sylish enough, I think it’s very clean and harmonious, managing the right balance between content, interface elements and white space.

Besides the regular food blogging features like recipe shortcodes ans banner ads monetization, Pluto provides a valuable set of user membership features that will help you build an entire community around your blog. Your visitors will be able to register as users on your website, allowing them to post articles, send messages and follow other users.

Other advanced features include the ability to create reviews for affiliate marketing, give ratings and a powerfull admin options panel which allows you to customize everything from: menu position, color scheme and backgrounds to typography options and blog style.

What I love about Pluto is that you get a considerable amount of features and customization option but you don’t feel them slowing down the website and the overall user experience. This is a highly recommended WordPress food blogging theme and here is the description page for more details and live preview.


Chow by Purethemes

Chow is a modern looking WordPress theme for food blogs developed by Purethemes a well established ThemeForest author. The design is built around a huge homepage slider, beautiful stock photography and well chosen typography that makes the content standout.

Although you have the option of chosing from a lot of predefined colors, the default color scheme is perfect for foodies and the entire layout shares the same out-of-the-box readiness without requiring too much fiddling.

It would have been great to find more layout options for the homepage and blog section but if you like the default layout which is very elegant by the way, then you’re all set. Especially if you intend to build a community since Chow has you covered with a lot of user management and recipes submission options which will help you grow your online following.

Under the hood you have access to a powerful recipe creator compatible with Schema.org which means that your recipes and reviews will be better indexed in search engines according to a standardization partnership between Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Chow offers seamless integration with WooCommerce which comes in handy when you want to monetize your blog or just to share your great products with your community. For more information check out the details and live preview in the description page.


Food Recipes by InspiryThemes

While not boasting a very modern design, Food Recipes packages all the required food blogging features in a functional layout that could be appealing to the more mature online audience intrested maybe in classical cuisine and traditional recipes.

Besides some basic customization options you don’t have a lot of control on how the blog looks like but this is not an issue if you don’t want to change its appearance too much. Anyway, as it is, the layou is well thought out and it shows that the developers took their time to understand the most important food blogger needs.

You get two variations for the recipe detail page, a nice recipe listing page and a few other page templates that will make your life easier. Another way to update elements on your website is by using the provided widgets which can be configured to display tabs, weekly specials, news, events, recent recipes, twitter feeds and banner ads.

WooCommerce integration is not a strong point but Food Recipes compensates with a complete user management and recipes submission system that will help you build an online community if you desire to do so.

Food Recipes is a strong contender if you and your audience enjoy a classic approach when it comes to design and in my opinion it works great for blogs specialized in traditional food. Check out the live preview on the theme description page.


Social Chef by Themeenergy

Themeenergy’s Social Chef is a stylish WordPress theme for food blogs with a strong focus on community development and user generated content. You can think of Social Theme as a platform built to encourage user’s submissions through a capable front-end recipe submission system with the option to wait for your review in order to maintain the quality standards you desire. Great submissions are also rewarded using the integrated recipe rating function.

Social Chef’s design is very modern featuring eye catching colors, comfortable fonts and working flawlessly on any device. You can choose from 12 different color schemes and customize any area of the theme using the theme options panel.

Other features include BuddyPress integration, WooCommerce support and Schema.org compatibility for complete SEO. For the actual look and feel of the theme check out Social Chef’s live preview.


Basil Recipes by Boxy Studio

Basil Recipes is a feature-packed WordPress theme for professional food blogs and online communities with a clean and sharp design that looks great on any desktop and mobile device. It features an easy to use drag & drop recipe builder Schema.org compatible, an unique custom recipe slider and a proprietary page builder from Boxy Studio.

You can also encourage visitors to become contributors through the integrated front-end submission system and reward them with positive reviews and ratings. External recipe submissions wait for your approval and can even send automated confirmation emails to your contributors.

One of Basil’s strong points is the large number of recipe layouts you can choose from. You can choose between ten unique recipe layouts and pick the one you enjoy the most. Other features include a nice recipe nutrition facts module, a mobile optimized full-screen mode for distraction-free reading and a customized search bar for advanced queries. Check out the live preview on the theme description page.


Recipe by DJMiMi

Recipe is a very well balanced WordPress theme for food blogs offering all the options a professional food blogger could ever want, in a tight and optimized package which offers a seamless user experience.

The layout is well thought out and easy to navigate with one small exception, the homepage slider which at first feels somewhat overwhelming and will definitely require more effort to get high resolution photos of your recipes.

The design is minimal, doesn’t interfere with the content and it’s based on comfortable colors and visible typography. Recipe integrates a powerful members and submissions management system complete with a well sorted review and rating system.

It also offers multiple recipe post types, dedicated shortcodes and other recipe related options. Based on its complete offering Recipe is a great theme for a professional WordPress food blog. For more details and the live preview check out the theme’s description page.


Sprout & Spoon by SoloPine

There’s no doubt about it Sprout & Spoon will immediately catch your eye with its gorgeous design, spectacular typography, soothing colors and beautiful recipe photos. You don’t get advanced design customization options besides the WordPress customizer but honestly you don’t need any because this theme looks and feels awesome right out of the box.

What can be modified to a reasonable extent is the layout and to do this SoloPine has provided multiple blog layouts and a lot of widget ares that can be set to display whatever you need from about me, social icons and latest posts to Facebook box and banner ads for monetization. You don’t get any community management system or integrated WooCommerce support but you have everything to create great recipe posts.

Sprout & Spoon doesn’t encourage visitors submissions, ratings and other similar interactions, instead it focuses on you and your recipes and makes the best of presenting them to your audience. And I’m sure you can build and nurture your online community on social media, especially if your are not too keen about other people posting recipes on your website.

This is not an all around theme it’s a beautiful and specialized tool that you can live preview on the theme description page.


Cake Art by ThimPress

Cake Art is a beautiful WordPress theme dedicated to sweets and pastry food bloggers. Everything looks delicious and sugary from the worm color scheme and patterned backgrounds to the comfortable typography and well picked stock photography. It’s without a doubt the perfect solution if you plan to start a blog focused on sweets and cakes while being prepared with WooCommerce integration for when you decide to turn your passion into a business.

You also get two popular WordPress plugins: Visual Composer for drag and drop page building and Slider Revolution to present your delicious sweets in their full splendor. Everything is customizable through the powerful admin panel and Cake Art provides numerous options to create great recipes posts and to browse through them.

If you are passionate about sharing your sweets recipes and you plan to sell them through your website then you should definitely checkout Cake Art’s details and live preview page.


Foodie Pro by StudioPress

Foodie Pro is a WordPress theme for food blogs built on top of Genesis framework from StudioPress. The first thing you’ll notice is the minimalist and sylish design which makes the content standout through smart usage of white space.

Foodie Pro looks very modern but somehow very accessible to any type of visitor tech savvy or not. The color palette in the demo is constrained to black and different shades of gray (less than 50 🙂 ) which makes the interface feel very elegant but you can choose any color you want and customize the skin down to the finest detail.

Foodie Pro allows you to select from multiple page layouts but I couldn’t find any shortcodes or configuration options to adjust the way recipes posts are displayed. I guess you can overcome this issue with medium HTML and CSS skills.

You do get homepage variations and the ability to update the layout through site wide widgets in the header, sidebar and footer. Personally I think Foodie Pro is geared towards agencies which need a clean and solid foundation that can be customized with their development resources.

But if you love minimalist design and don’t mind getting your hands dirty with HTML and CSS then Foodie Pro could be the perfect choice. More details and live preview on the StudioPress page.

These are in my opinion the best food and recipes WordPress themes on the market right now. I would love to hear about your experience with them or suggestions for other themes that you use and are happy with (or not).

Please send me your thoughts using the comments section below.